Why Are Oil Changes Important?

How often do you get the oil changed in your vehicle? If you're like many Americans, it is probably not quite often enough.


Most people recognize and acknowledge the importance of oil changes, but they neglect them because they simply don't realize WHY they're so important. Here at McCarthy Blue Springs Hyundai in Missouri, we know oil changes are crucial to keeping an engine running smoothly, and we've provided this short but handy list of reasons why.


·         Oil lubricates your engine. Your vehicle's engine consists of many moving parts, and the oil is there to lubricate them, keeping them moving together smoothly.

·         Oil cools down your engine. If you've ever put your hand on the hood of a running car, you know how hot an engine can be! The oil you put in your engine helps cool it down, preventing it from overheating.

·         Oil keeps your engine clean. A dirty engine doesn't run effectively, and oil is there to keep the components of your engine clean and free from deposits that can be detrimental to its health.


So now that you know why oil is important to the engine, why do you have to change it regularly? Well, after some time, the additives in oil are no longer effective. The oil becomes thick and sludgy, and can no longer perform the tasks above that make it so crucial to your engine's well-being.


Draining the old oil and replacing it with fresh motor oil can revive your engine and have it running like new in no time. That's why it's important to keep an eye on your oil, and have it changed by an experienced service technician whenever it needs changing.


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