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Get a Car Trade-In Estimate in Blue Springs, MO

Trading in your used car has never been easier. Just use our simple trade-in estimate tool to see how much your vehicle is worth at McCarthy Blue Springs Hyundai. We'll contact you to discuss your options and offer you an amazing trade-in amount if you exchange it for a new Hyundai or pre-owned vehicle at our Hyundai dealership near Kansas City.

For additional help with your trade-in, feel free to contact our experts and auto finance specialists at (816) 285-3252.

Used Car Trade-In FAQs

We're sure you have questions about trading in your car at our Blue Springs car dealership. Luckily, we've got answers.

Should I mention my trade-in vehicle before negotiating the price of a new car?

Although our Blue Springs Hyundai dealership offers the best trade-in payouts in the area, industry experts believe that you should hold off on mentioning your trade-in until after you've agreed upon a price on your new vehicle. Doing so allows you to get the lowest price on a vehicle because the dealer hasn't taken into consideration the trade-in amount.

But don't tell anyone we said that.

How can I be sure that the trade-in estimate I've received is good?

You have several options here, all of which are fine.

First, shop around for trade-in estimates. Mention to XX dealer that YY dealer has already offered $ZZ for your trade-in; if they can match that payout, they may earn your business. (Hint: If you're in the Kansas City area, you'll find that we offer above market value for most trade-in vehicles.)

Second, find your Blue Book® Value or Black Book Value, and search through the NADA price guide for estimates on your trade-in.

Third, trust that the dealer trade-in amount is wholesale value.

Can I negotiate my trade-in appraisal with the dealership?

Absolutely! A good rule of thumb is to be prepared to discuss numbers. Give the vehicle a good wash and bring maintenance records, a list of aftermarket add-ons, and any other records of work done to show that the car is in good condition. Dealers appreciate now having to do the additional legwork to prove the quality of a vehicle.

Also, visit dealerships that sell your vehicle's make. Those dealers tend to pay a bit more for their own brands, as they can more easily resell those due to their inherent shopping audience. For instance, if you have a used Hyundai in Kansas City, visit our used car dealership in Blue Springs to get a great trade-in offer.

Should I trade in my car or sell it privately?

The decision to trade in or sell a car as a third-party seller boils down to one thing: convenience.

When trading in a vehicle at a dealership, you don't have to worry about the hassle that's naturally involved with a private sale. While you may get a few hundred dollars more selling your vehicle privately, it's often not worth that stress. Trading the car in at a dealership is usually a better option if you're looking to upgrade.

Can I trade in junk cars or old vehicles that don't run well?

For the most part, yes, though you'll probably scoff at the trade-in value. Your estimate is determined by the condition of the vehicle and demand for that particular make and model. If your vehicle is of lackluster quality, you may not get as much for it when trading it to a dealership. If in doubt, use our trade-in calculator or speak with a member of our staff.

Is it possible to trade in a financed car if I owe money on it?

If you have positive equity in that vehicle, your trade-in cash can be used to pay off the loan balance. Otherwise, you'll have to speak with one of our Blue Springs auto financing specialists to discuss your options. That car loan contract won't just disappear after your trade-in!

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