Tips for Saving Fuel

Gas prices seem like they're just getting higher and higher, but there are still ways for you to save money at the gas pump. We can provide you with a few tips and tricks for improving your gas mileage, which will in turn help you fill up less frequently, saving you money. And they're easy to put into practice!


The staff at your Blue Springs Hyundai dealer can provide you with information about all things automotive, including these fuel-saving tips:


·         Lighten your vehicle to save fuel. A heavier vehicle requires more fuel to run than one that weighs less. If you take out some of the heavier things that are weighing your vehicle down, you'll save money on gas. So go ahead and donate that big bag of clothes that's been in your trunk since last fall, and take out the cooler that you rarely use.

·         Slow down. Speeding puts you in danger, so it's advisable to slow down anyway. But it also increases your fuel consumption. Slow down to improve your fuel economy.

·         Make sure your vehicle is in good condition. A basic inspection of your vehicle by the service staff at your local Blue Springs Hyundai dealer can turn up things like a clogged air filter. Fixing these things can improve your gas mileage.

·         Don't run your engine while parked. Idling uses an excessive amount of fuel, so avoid it when possible. Turn off your engine when your vehicle is parked.

·         Drive smoothly. Aggressive driving is another thing that increases your fuel consumption. Quick acceleration and other aggressive driving moves aren't great for your vehicle, either, so slow it down and drive smoothly.


Saving fuel can be simple when you follow these easy tips from your local Blue Springs Hyundai dealer! Just keep these in mind as you drive or care for your vehicle to save money over time.


Looking for more tips and tricks? Just stop by McCarthy Hyundai, your Blue Springs Hyundai dealership, today to meet with an experienced staff about all your automotive needs!



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