Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle's Paint

When you first drive your vehicle off the dealership lot, it's bright and shiny and looks brand-new. Over time, that sparkling shine can wear off, thanks to dirt, debris, UV rays and other irritants.


But does that have to happen?


There are ways that you can protect the brilliantly shiny coat of paint that makes your Hyundai vehicle stand out. Those of us at your Blue Springs Hyundai dealer, McCarthy Hyundai, have compiled a list of a few tips for taking proper care of your vehicle's exterior to keep it looking like new.


·         Protect it from harmful UV rays. The rays from the sun can oxidize your car's finish, fading the paint from the once-bright shade it was to begin with. Try to park in the shade when you can—in a parking garage, deck or even under shady trees—to help your bright color stay bright longer.

·         Clean off your vehicle's exterior. Dirt, grime and detritus that's left on your vehicle can penetrate the paint, leaving marks that last. Rinse off anything that gets on your car, and treat it to frequent gentle car washes.

·         Avoid the detritus to begin with. Are you parking underneath shady trees that protect your vehicle from the sun's rays, but drip harmful sap onto it instead? That's no better. Be sure you aren't leaving your vehicle in a place where it can be damaged by nature.

·         Wax your vehicle. A good coat of wax can protect your coat of paint and keep it looking great. Be sure to choose the right wax to keep your vehicle fully protected.


Keeping your vehicle looking like new doesn't have to be difficult. Simply take good care of your coat of paint and it will stay shiny and beautiful for years to come!


Still looking for tips on taking care of your vehicle's exterior? The staff at your Blue Springs Hyundai dealer, McCarthy Hyundai, is happy to help. Just stop by our location on NW South Outer Road in Blue Springs, MO, to find a friendly staff and an incredible selection of new and pre-owned Hyundai vehicles.




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