Tips for Handling Breakdowns

Drivers everywhere know that sometimes, car trouble is inevitable. You can take all the strides available to you to keep your vehicle in great shape, but sometimes you may encounter a breakdown, and from there, you have to handle it as best you can.


Because you can't always avoid a breakdown, there are things you should know to do in the event of one that can help keep you and your passengers safe. Follow these handy tips to stay safe and sound even as your vehicle is having problems.


·         Pull off to the side. If you are able to, you should pull over so that you're out of the flow of traffic. Once there, you should put your emergency brake and your hazard lights on. If you cannot get out of the flow of traffic, be sure to put your hazards on and stay in the vehicle.

·         Call someone for help. In this day and age, nearly everyone has a cell phone with them at all times. You should try to keep it fully charged, or have a car charger available, to ensure that you'll be able to call for help when you need to.

·         Use your emergency kit. You have one in your vehicle, don't you? If you are able to safely get out of your vehicle, you can use reflectors or flares in front of and behind the car to alert other motorists of your presence.

·         Stay in your vehicle as much as you can. While you can get out (if you're safely out of traffic) to place reflectors, you should try to stay in your vehicle as much as you can until help arrives. It's much safer that way.

·         Don't exit the side of the vehicle facing traffic. When you do exit your car, be sure that you get out on the side that's facing away from oncoming traffic. Remember, you can't be 100% sure that other motorists see you.


We hope that your vehicle stays in great shape, and that you don't have to endure the challenges of breaking down while driving anytime soon. But if you do, those of us at McCarthy Hyundai of Blue Springs simply want you to be prepared.


Still need more advice on what to do if you run into car trouble while on the road? Just stop by McCarthy Hyundai of Blue Springs today to meet with our expert staff and discuss all your automotive questions and concerns!

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