Tips for Extending Your Engine's Life

Properly maintaining your vehicle's engine is one way to extend the life of your vehicle. Performing a few simple routine tasks can save you lots of time and money towards avoidable repairs. That's why we have compiled a list of helpful tips to prolong the life of your engine.


·    With every fill-up, check your engine oil. To get an accurate reading, the oil in your car must be warm from the engine running or from driving 15 minutes and the engine must be off. Before removing the dipstick, allow the oil to drain back into the engine waiting 15 minutes. Remove the dipstick, wipe it clean using a paper towel and then reinsert, pulling it out again to check the oil level. If the oil isn't at the level it should be, add more oil.

·    Get oil changes regularly. Changing your vehicle's oil frequently flushes abrasive dirt and metal particles from the engine. Your owner's manual contains recommendations for the frequency of oil changes; be sure to stick to the schedule to protect your engine.

·    Do not overfill your crankcase with oil. You must always avoid overfilling the engine crankcase with oil. Overfilling the crankcase causes oil to rise into the crankshaft, where it will mix with air bubbles. Oil with air bubbles is more difficult for the oil pump to circulate which can result in overheating, sparkplug damage and engine component stress.

·    Always wipe off the oil pan plug. When completing your own oil changes, use rags to clean the drain plug and washer before reinstalling your oil pan. Additionally, some plugs are magnetized and can trap metal particles.

·    Think about adding oil coolers. If your vehicle is not already equipped with coolers and you plan on excessive towing, consider adding some coolers. Aftermarket engine oil and transmission fluid coolers are generally inexpensive. They allow the fluid to flow freely through them, and the small fins absorb and dissipate heat.


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