Tips for Allergy-Proofing Your Vehicle

Allergy season is rapidly approaching and it is important to be prepared. The last place anyone would expect to find an abundance of allergens is the car. However, while in your car, you do shed skin flakes unknowingly let spores in, spill liquids and much more which causes allergen buildup. Just as you would prepare your home for the allergy season, the same must be done for your vehicle. To allergy-proof your car, simply follow the tips below:


·    During the pollen season, do not roll down the windows. Utilize the air conditioner on the recirculating cycle only.

·    Avoid using air fresheners because some contain harsh chemicals that will irritate nasal membranes.

·    Frequently, damp dust your dashboard and wipe off window film.

·    Always keep your carpet clean and dry and covered with plastic, washable, grooved floor mats. Your shoes can deposit dirt, grease, mud, tar, pollens and much more that will sit and soak into the carpet; this can cause air-traveling mold spores.

·    If there is a sour smell in your car, be sure to look underneath the seats for moldy foods, and if it appears to be clean, inspect the air condition ducts.

·    Inspect the weather stripping to ensure that it is intact and that the doors shut properly. If the weather stripping doesn't seal the doors correctly, it could cause slow leaks dampening the back seats.

·    Upholstered seats can hold dust mites; always vacuum your seats whenever you wash your vehicle. Additionally, you should try to avoid wooly, furry, and carpeted seat covers because they attract more mold spores, dust mites and dirt.


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