Summertime Automotive Maintenance Tips

We're currently within the throes of summertime. The weather is hot; the days are long, and your car care needs are different than they are in other seasons.


That's right—your automotive maintenance needs change depending on the weather and your driving habits. In the summer, you're prone to long drives (road trip, anyone?), and that combined with rising temperatures can mean you need to take better care of your car.


That's where we come in as your Missouri Hyundai dealership. We can provide a few simple tips for automotive maintenance in the summer—and if you stop by our Missouri Hyundai service department, we can help you with anything else you need!


·         Take care of your tires. Your tires are incredibly important, and the hot weather can be challenging when it comes to maintaining them properly. Pressure changes as the temperatures rise, so it's crucial to make sure your tires are inflated to the appropriate level. Consult your owner's manual or ask the staff at your Missouri Hyundai dealership for more information.

·         Make sure you change your oil. Oil is what keeps your engine running clean and smooth. It also cools it down, so it's especially important in the summer. The staff at your Missouri Hyundai service department can change your oil whenever it needs it.

·         Check your engine. Before you set out on a long summer road trip, be sure someone experienced, like the service technicians at your Missouri Hyundai service center, take a look at your engine. It's important to catch problems before you're far from home and they get worse.

·         Make sure your air conditioning is in good shape. Nothing is worse than the AC going out on you during the hot summertime. Have your AC checked out to be sure that it's working properly so you can make it until the weather cools down!


Following these tips and tricks will keep your car in good condition throughout the long, hot summer. Looking for more tips about automotive maintenance in any season? The staff at your Missouri Hyundai dealership is always happy to help, so stop by our Blue Springs showroom today!

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