How to Keep Children Safe in School Zones

School zones are supposed to keep school-aged children safe. However, oftentimes children are more at risk for injury or death in these zones. To ensure that we keep children, other pedestrians and motorist safe, we have developed a list of safe driving tips for school zones. Take a look below.  


·    Do not use electronic devices while driving. There are a few states that have made cell phone usage while driving in school zones illegal. When driving in a school zone, it is essential to be alert because talking on your cell phone reduces your reaction time. Additionally, looking away even for 2 seconds increases your chances of an accident; never text and drive.

·    Always follow the school's drop off rules. Any time that pedestrians have to cross the street they are at a greater risk. Parents should never drop children off across the street from the school and then tell them to run across the street.

·    Be more cautious when driving in a school zone during the fall. Studies have shown that more children are injured by cars in September than any other month. It is important that motorists adjust quickly to the changing of seasons to reduce the chances of accidents.

·    Look at all children in school zones as your own. Unwary motorists are not always the cause of school zone traffic accidents. As a parent, you must treat all children like your children. Although your child may be safely inside the school, other children may not.


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