How to Avoid Distractions While Driving

Most driving distractions can be avoided by simply changing a few habits and focusing on the task at hand. With a few simple preparations, you can eliminate driving distractions for everyday trips or for a long road trip. Here are some items to avoid being a distracted driver:


·    Be an attentive driver. While on the road, be sure that the road is commanding all of your attention.  Always utilize your mirrors, watch out for pedestrians and cyclists, and scan the road consistently for potential issues.

·    Driving should be your focus. When you are behind the wheel, your only focus should be to drive. Be sure that you finish dressing and all personal grooming items at home.

·    Never eat meals and drive. Whenever possible, you should eat your meals and/or snacks before getting into your vehicle. Always avoid hard to manage foods. You must snack smart!

·    Avoid using electronics, especially cell phones when driving. Even using your cell phone hands free can be a distraction and should only be used in the event of an emergency. Never send text messages, send emails, play video games, or search the web on your mobile devices as you drive.

·    Properly secure children and pets before leaving your destination. Be sure that your children and/or pets are safely strapped in and are occupied. If you must tend to your child or pet, do not reach into the back seat as you may lose control of the car. Always pull over to handle any issue that may arise.

·    Always make the proper adjustments before getting on the road. Check your GPS system seats, mirrors, climate controls, and sound system to ensure they are set to your liking. Additionally, you should decide on a driving route and check traffic conditions.


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