Holiday Driving Tips and Tricks

If you're gearing up for the holiday season, or are already in the thick of it, you probably have a lot of driving to do. Whether you're driving to your company holiday party, to your family's house across town or to visit relatives all the way across the country, it's crucial that you be safe while driving this time of year.


The friendly staff at McCarthy Blue Springs Hyundai is here to provide you with a number of handy tips for staying safe and keeping your vehicle in great condition while you brave the traffic during this holiday season!


·         Be flexible. The holiday season can mean peak traffic, and you never know when you're going to run into a jam. Winter weather conditions can also make you change your route or push back your trip, so be aware that things might take longer than you'd originally planned.

·         Map out a route. If you have a road trip ahead of you, plan out a route that will allow you to avoid heavily trafficked areas and road work. This will help keep your trip on schedule.

·         Don't speed. Speeding is a bad idea any time of year, but during the holiday season, there are more travelers on the roadways. Slow down and be mindful of all the traffic around you.

·         Stay alert. If you're on a long drive, and you begin to get tired, stop to rest. It's crucial that you avoid driving while tired, because drowsiness can hinder your ability to pay full attention to the task at hand, endangering you and everyone else on the road.

·         Make sure your vehicle is in great condition. The winter weather can bad harmful if your vehicle isn't prepared for it. Stop by the service department at McCarthy Hyundai of Blue Springs today to get your car checked out to ensure that it's ready for your drive.


Driving during the holiday season can be safe and enjoyable if you remember these tips for preparation. It's better to be safe than sorry around this time of year!


Looking for more tips on driving safe during the holidays and keeping your vehicle in good condition? The staff at McCarthy Hyundai is happy to help. Just stop by our dealership, where we proudly provide residents of Blue Springs, Kansas City, Independence, Lee's Summit and Overland Park with tips and tricks on auto care and maintenance, today!

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