Common Automotive Care Mistakes

 When it comes to caring for your vehicle, who knows better than you? After all, you're the one who drives it every day and knows what it should look, feel and sound like.


Unfortunately, many people don't know everything there is to know about proper vehicle care, and that can lead to errors and mistakes that can become problems over time. If you know about the mistakes that drivers often make when maintaining their vehicle, then you can avoid them! The staff at McCarthy Hyundai Blue Springs has put together a number of the most common automotive maintenance and driving mistakes that people tend to make to help you avoid them.


·         Neglecting your fluids. Oil changes need to happen regularly and on schedule, but most people know that. But what about the other fluids in your vehicle? Be sure you know how frequently each of your vehicle's fluids needs to be changed, and visit your local service department accordingly.

·         Letting your keychain weigh you down. A too-heavy keychain can be harmful and damaging to your ignition switch. Take off some of the weight to prevent damage that could be costly later.

·         Aggressive driving. Speeding and other aggressive driving techniques are all too common, and they can be dangerous. But did you know they also put undue wear and tear on your vehicle? Try to drive as smoothly and cautiously as you can to keep your vehicle in great condition for years to come.

·         Forgetting to tighten your gas cap. Have you ever had the Check Engine light come on for no discernible reason? A loose gas cap is one of the leading non-serious reasons for the Check Engine light to illuminate. But just because it's not that serious doesn't mean it can't be harmful-your gas cap needs to be tightly sealed for a reason, so turn it 'til it clicks!

·         Letting problems worsen over time. The tiniest of automotive issues can become a serious problem down the line, if neglected. If you notice something wrong with your vehicle, take it in to be inspected, because you'll save yourself time, money and hassle by catching small problems before they become damaging.


Have you ever made one of the mistakes listed above? Many people have, so don't feel bad. Just recognize the need to take great care of your vehicle and try not to make these common automotive mistakes in the future!


Looking for more tips on vehicle care, automotive service and more? The staff at McCarthy Hyundai Blue Springs is always willing to help, so stop by our Blue Springs, Missouri car dealership today!

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