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Handy Car Care Tips for the Winter Season

As the late Ned Stark of the HBO hit series Game of Thrones once said: “winter is coming.” Here in Kansas City, we are right on the cusp of winter and we are certainly feeling the effects. Between the bone-chilling weather, barren trees, and heavy clothing you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that it is already here.

Every year winter presents challenges to those of us that live north enough to feel the full effects. Thanks to technology advancements like space heaters and snow plow trucks we don’t experience the same difficulties that our ancestors did, but that…

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Best Places To Chill Out In Kansas City This Summer

Excessive heat and humidity can team up to offer a knockout punch here in Kansas City this summer. We've already experienced some record high temperatures recently, so keeping cool during these sweltering Kansas City days is a priority. So where do you go to cool off in Kansas City? We've got the answer with some of the best ways for chilling out in Kansas City this summer.


Visit The Sea Life Aquarium - Those aquatic creatures know how to stay cool no matter how hot it gets, so why not join them? One of Crown Center's most popular…
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