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Handy Car Care Tips for the Winter Season

As the late Ned Stark of the HBO hit series Game of Thrones once said: “winter is coming.” Here in Kansas City, we are right on the cusp of winter and we are certainly feeling the effects. Between the bone-chilling weather, barren trees, and heavy clothing you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that it is already here.

Every year winter presents challenges to those of us that live north enough to feel the full effects. Thanks to technology advancements like space heaters and snow plow trucks we don’t experience the same difficulties that our ancestors did, but that…

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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas Just in Time for the Holiday

Halloween is supposed to be a fun, carefree holiday, so why does it always end up being so stressful? You may have your party already planned, decorations already up, but every year, without fail, we wait until the last possible minute to get a costume together. You might have even had an idea of what you were going to wear going into the day, but after trying it on or looking for just the right outfit pieces, it's almost inevitable that you scrap the original plan and are forced to improvise.



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Car Seat Safety Month With McCarthy Hyundai Blue Springs

According to, the average American spends 7% of their life in a car. Given this figure, it is not surprising that so many of us take the process of driving for granted. Whether it’s neglecting to buckle our seatbelt, regularly going 5 miles per hour over the speed limit, or rolling through a stop sign instead of coming to a full stop, we all have broken the rules of the road on more than one occasion.

And how could you not? Americans average 101 minutes of driving per day, every day. It would be crazy to think…

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10 Kansas City Safe Driving Resolutions For 2016

Here at your local Blue Springs, MO Hyundai dealership near Kansas City, McCarthy Blue Springs Hyundai, we're always concerned about safety on our roadways. Each year our highways become more dangerous. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), 514 Kansas drivers were involved in fatal accidents across our state in 2014, resulting in 385 traffic-related fatalities.


These alarming statistics should make us all aware of how important it is to resolve to…

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5 Nearby Kansas City Road Trip Destinations

With the summer soon fading away, there's still time to explore many of the attractions that are near the greater Kansas City metro area. So it's time for a road trip! And to help with your planning, we here at McCarthy Blue Springs Hyundai have come up with some winning destinations that are sure to put miles of smiles on everyone's faces.

435 × 454
1) Flint Hills
Approximately 90 miles southwest of KC, Flint…
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2015 Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Guide

Lots of folks throughout Kansas City are set to don their festive green apparel in preparation of celebrating all the Irish-themed fun that surrounds this year's St. Patrick's Day celebration on Tuesday, March 17.


St. Patrick's Day is such a popular holiday here in Kansas City that parties, parades, and events take up the entire weekend, spilling over into Tuesday. Of course, all of us at McCarthy Hyundai of Blue Springs are also getting into the spirit of all things Irish. That's why we've put together this handy online guide to all of  celebrations.

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