7 Ways to Avoid the Boss During 2018 March Madness

Much like road and lane markers can be crossed during road construction, company rules regarding March Madness can be crossed under extenuating circumstances. While we don’t ever condone breaking any of your company’s rules, bending a rule or two never hurt anyone. It’s not like the average US employee will waste over 6 hours watching March Madness at work, right?

As the college basketball tournament gets underway with the First Round on March 15, it’s time to make the necessary preparations to catch every buzzer beater, every half-court heave, every upset pulled off by a Cinderella. Here are the top 7 ways to avoid work during March Madness in 2018.

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7. Stream at Your Desk

If you simply can’t get away from your work obligations, stay in your cubicle and multi-task with a stream of the action. There is a handful of March Madness streaming options:

  • March Madness Live Stream (ncaa.com) – The official NCAA March Madness streaming solution, complete with a “Boss Button.”
  • March Madness Live App (ncaa.com/mobile) – Got a tablet or phone plugged in and earbudded up? Get updates from the official app.
  • Hulu w/ Live TV (hulu.com) – If you’re a Hulu Live member, you can watch the games on CBS, TBS, TNT, and TruTV from your desk.
  • Sling TV (sling.com) – TBS, TNT, and truTV are included in certain Sling TV monthly plans.
  • CBS All Access (cbs.com) – For a low monthly fee, you can watch live CBS coverage of the NCAA tournament from your laptop, PC, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • YouTube TV (tv.youtube.com) – A $35/mo. fee for YouTube TV includes access to all four major March Madness broadcast stations.

Take advantage of free trials for these cable-cutting services, too. It’s the best season to do so.

6. Invest in a Privacy Screen for Your Monitor or Phone

If you’re going the route of using your laptop or tablet to watch the basketball games, buy a cheap privacy screen. At just the right angle, these privacy covers show all the NCAA basketball excitement to your eyes and your eyes only. Any other nosy colleagues or managers will just see a black screen.

5. Have a Wi-Fi Hotspot Set Up

Most companies have an IT department. Most IT departments know to dial their policies up a notch in March. In order to keep yourself in their good graces, be sure to set yourself up with a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot using your phone’s data. This can save you the headache of getting around internet filters that are put in place by your company’s IT engineers. Android users can use this hotspot tutorial to get started. Those with iPhones can follow these hotspot directions.

4. Complete Assignments Early, Turn in Late

In the days leading up to March Madness, stay late and arrive early to complete any work you might miss out on come Thursday and Friday—just don’t turn assignments in until the games begin. Having a stockpile of completed assignments and emails to send out will give off the impression that you’re working diligently. (In fact, you have worked diligently, just not during Round One.)

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3. Set a “Meeting” with Clients or Potential Clients

Take an extended lunch meeting with important clients at a local pub or sports bar. Get there early or reserve a table to guarantee a good TV-viewing angle. Some of our favorite Kansas City sports bars and restaurants to watch March Madness include:

  • Johnny’s Tavern Blue Springs – This Blue Springs restaurant features dozens of big-screen TVs that will surely broadcast all the March Madness madness this year.
  • No Other Pub by Sporting KC – More than just your traditional sports bar, No Other Pub offers bowling lanes, table tennis, golf simulators, shuffle puck, and many more fun activities.
  • McFadden’s Sports Saloon – Grab some shareable nachos and apps, a couple pitchers of beer, and watch the action unfold on over 30 TVs at McFadden’s.
  • Brooksider – A neighborhood trademark, Brooksider offers more than 50 HD televisions inside and a luxurious back patio.
  • Brewer’s Sports Bar & Grill – Another of our favorite Blue Springs watering holes, Brewer’s commonly has specials on tap for March Madness games.

And remember to pay your tab with the corporate credit card!

2. Get the Big “V”

Many men around the country consider March Madness to be an unofficial holiday. Unlike holidays, however, some of those men go to considerable lengths to ensure they get a few days off work. How far will they go, you ask? During the first round of each year’s March Madness, there’s about a 30% increase in vasectomy surgeries scheduled. While the 68 NCAA teams are battling it out to snip the nets at the end of the year, hundreds of thousands of men are also getting snipped.

It’s a drastic tactic to avoid work, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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1. Schedule Auto Service

While not entirely applicable to some, scheduling your auto service and maintenance during March Madness is a popular method to watch some of the day’s games. Most car service centers provide comfy lounges, free Wi-Fi, and televisions that will certainly be showing coverage of the basketball games. It’s a win-win scenario for people: You’ll not only get to catch the madness, you’ll also get your car in shape.

For anyone in the Blue Springs, MO, area, schedule your car repairs, oil changes, and auto maintenance at McCarthy Blue Springs Hyundai. Because our auto service technicians work fast to fix all makes and models, including old and new Hyundai vehicles, we can’t guarantee you’ll be out of the office all day, but we can guarantee you a break during March Madness.

Call our Blue Springs Hyundai service center at (816) 285-3252 to make an appointment for March 15 or 16, and be sure to ask us about any current auto service coupons!



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